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“As a massage therapist, I am always looking for ways to enrich my client’s therapeutic experience. Holistic massage technique approach would be a valuable addition to my practice. Massage is not just provide you physical benefits. It also improve your mental & emotional awareness of mind-body connection. Fosters a feeling of well-being. Helps relieve anxiety and stress.”

“I Do what I Love, I Love what I Do” Pajaree K.

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Pregnancy Massage

We offer pregnancy massage for women in their 2nd trimester (6th to 8th month)of pregnancy.


Treating stress and improving emotionally related conditions. Calming, uplifting, energizing,


Abdominal muscles are massaged first, until they are relaxed enough to permit massage of the organs.


The manipulation of muscle and connective tissue to promote relaxation and well-being, relieve



What are the benefits?

Research and experience have shown that Therapeutic Touch is effective in eliciting a relaxation response, reducing anxiety, changing the perception of pain, facilitating the body’s natural restorative process, bringing about an improved sense of well-being, and providing comfort during distressing circumstances.

How often should I have massage therapy?

Regular massage therapy is beneficial to promote mind/body awareness stimulates circulation, releases toxins from soft-tissue and calms the nervous system. Monthly massages are ideal to support you on mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level. If massage is indicated, weekly sessions will be of benefit to restore full function to the area concerned in the shortest possible time.

What would you feel during a session?

As responses to a Therapeutic Touch session vary, there is no ‘right’ way to experience it. Many of those receiving Therapeutic Touch fall asleep during the session. Others may sometimes feel energy moving through their bodies or feel slight tingling sensations. After session they feel energizing and in state of relaxation.


Is it safe to have massage during pregnancy?

Yes, massage is safe during pregnancy when it is performed by an experienced practitioner who is able to provide postural options for the massage, alters the depth of pressure during the massage and avoid specific trigger points that are not congruent with pregnancy.

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I cannot say enough great stuff about Pajaree. As a client you are her number focus. She puts all her energy, experience, and passion into her treatments – you will leave feeling renewed (that’s if you want to leave at all).
I knew how amazing you are. Looking forward for an appointment.. All the very best. You are the best!!!


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